My name is Annabel Owen, and there's a Claire somewhere in there too. I am in my 20th year of living, and there's no map for it.  I often strum old songs on my white acoustic guitar and drink coffee out of a cat shaped mug.  Lanterns hang in my room and a black cat can almost always be found asleep on my bed.  I study Professional Writing and Publishing and Creative Writing at Curtin University and I love it.    
I want to travel the world and buy glass crystals and silver rings and cord bracelets that I will probably end up throwing out when I return home.  I want to be inspired.  In my spare time I squiggle my thoughts down onto crumpled paper and occasionally some of those end up on my blog. 

My blog is a place where I can share my writing; the thoughts I have, issues I've come across, short stories for the open-minded.  There is no theme, you get what you get.  I hope that some people can relate, some can enjoy and others can be critical where needed.  I started this blog in 2013, and I am now in my third year of University studies.  I write because it's how I express myself.  I write because I love it.    

I want to know everything there is to know about writing, and I want to share mine with the world.    

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