Thursday, 27 June 2013

Quirky Qwerty

So I'm new to the world of blogging, and am yet to discover the do's and don'ts or the tricks of the trade, but I sure know how to touch-type.  After all, it's something we learn at a young age nowadays.  Almost gone are the days of letter writing, touching the tip of a ballpoint pen to the surface of crisp paper.  Newspapers are on their way out, over-taken by the driving force of the internet.  Schools and universities utilize laptops; I can't remember the last time I submitted a hand-written assignment.  I guess it's difficult not to follow suit.

Whilst I do enjoy the act of physically writing - I keep a daily diary for my ever-flowing thoughts - typing on a computer has simply become more efficient.  My ideas are more swiftly written in words for myself or others to read, and if I make a mistake there's no mess about it, we are programmed to simply press 'backspace'.  If I want to share my thoughts with the world, I can simply jump online and do so.  All I have to do is place my left fingers on the keys "A, S, D, F" and my right on "J, K, L, ;" and away I go.

With that being said, I'll leave a challenge for you:
Draw up the shape of a blank keyboard and see how many of the keys you can remember without looking.
Also on that note, try to say the order of colours in the word "Google", a site I'm sure you visit at least once a day.  You'll be surprised.  


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