Tuesday, 3 September 2013

I've Been Busy

Today I realised that I haven’t published a blog post in almost a month!  Aside from this depriving my readers from some mild entertainment, I’ve gone against my own promise to post every few weeks.  (Sorry guys, I can’t help it, I have somewhat of a life!)  Even so, I should definitely make more of an effort to post.  But what can I say, I’ve been busy.

I’ve been busy turning 18, embracing the ability to buy alcohol, walk into a club, watch R rated movies and stressing out about the thought of voting. 

I’ve been busy putting off cleaning my fish-tank because the goldfish are happy and I’m worried if I alter their environment then they will die.

I’ve been busy getting my driver’s licence, clicking for the sake of clicking during the hazard perception test and wondering if it were even possible for anyone to be so stupid as to not slow down for the pedestrian who just randomly decides to cross the road even when the lights for cars are green. 

I’ve been busy spending all my money.  I don’t even know where it goes. 

I’ve been busy drinking gallons of coffee. Yes, gallons.  If you’re wondering where all the coffee in the world has gone, I drank it.

I’ve been busy writing one short feature article on the issue of online shopping, creating an image/word narrative about what makes up my sense of place and identity in the world, one short story including a draft, final and 300 word reflection, one 1000 word essay on two texts discussing the issue of vaccinations, 500 word dossiers each week on topics that I wouldn’t even dream of discussing if it weren’t worth 40% of my grade and a diary about my progress in writing, rhetoric and persuasion.  How’s uni, you ask? Oh it’s fantastic. 

I’ve been busy sitting online staring at a screen that tells me I haven’t been able to secure animal house tickets, and to please “wait 30 seconds” to try again.  ‘Click’. 

I’ve been busy watching how I met your mother all over again in preparation for the last season ever.  It’s been legen- wait for it –

I’ve been busy buying Dr Martens in cherry red, UK size 6 with complementary yellow laces.  Best $189 I’ve ever spent.  (The blisters on my feet don’t agree, but you get that). 

I’ve been busy being in love.

I’ve been busy eating. Lots. Too much.  Anything.  Whatever’s there.  It’s a big problem really, someone help?

I’ve been busy painting my nails for the 50 millionth time (I know what you’re thinking, geez Annabel that’s a lot of times, but believe me, I’m not exaggerating).

I’ve been busy cuddling my cat.  He and I are getting married.  June 15th, save the date.

I’ve been busy working, which means I eat too much pizza, garlic bread and wedges to last a lifetime.  Not to mention free slushies.  Hero’s Pizza guys, come check it out. 

I’ve been busy driving.  The novelty hasn’t worn off yet, and freedom tastes so sweet.  The dial reaching the ‘E’ on the fuel light really is a kick in the guts though isn’t it?  See you next Wednesday!

I’ve been busy sleeping.  It’s spring, but somehow Mother Nature still thinks it’s winter.  Someone wake me up when September ends.      

And lastly, I’ve been busy coming up with an idea for a blog post.  So here it is, done and dusted.  Sorry if it’s not some of my best work, I’m a lil’ rusty.  I’ll think of something better soon.   Until next time, stay tuned :)

Xo Xo,
Too busy to think of a good sign off phrase.

Ps. - DARY.


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